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When it comes time to locate the right New Jersey remodeling contractor the only name you need to know is Home Improvers. In 2005 we started out as a real estate company focused on buying and rehabbing homes. The advantage we had was the remodeling skills and crew to get the job done. We noticed a lot of buyers planning to flip homes getting stuck early on in the process.

Without a quality home improvement contractor to trust in, they could not move forward with the process. From there our business organically evolved so that we could help others with their renovation needs. The market is competitive and you cannot plan on selling a home for top dollar without some serious updates, upgrades and improvements.

Even for those homeowners who merely wish to transform their private residence from ugly duckling to elegant swan, we can help with that. We offer a wide variety of professional services. With a focus on offering only the best in materials, craftsmanship, customer care and pricing it is clear to see what makes us the top choice in the area. Contact us today so we can get started!

Home Improvements & Renovations

Home Improvements and Home Repairs in New JerseyThe majority of making your home safe and sound, not to mention look better, is tackling that home improvements and renovations checklist. You need to invest in making the base of the project strong before moving on to improving the look. In other words, you have to repair walls before you worry about painting them and making them look better.

The good news is that we can take care of both structural and cosmetic renovation work. We want to be the team you turn to for tasks like repairs and also carpentry and flooring. Let us meet with you for your consultation and review with you the options we have available. Never settle for less than the best when it comes to taking care of your home improvement and renovation projects.

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Home Addition & Remodeling Contractors

New Jersey Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling ContractorsOne of the most important jobs you can take on as a homeowner is any type of remodeling job. At Home Improvers we offer an assortment starting with the bathroom remodeling. Get your bathroom out of the last decade and make it look and feel like a place you could relax in at the end of a long work day.

Or maybe it’s a kitchen remodeling job you need. Change the look, alter the layout or even add more space with this type of renovation work. And if you are still living with an unfinished basement it is time to put a stop to that. Add useable space, and increased property value, to your home by letting us be your New Jersey basement remodeling contractors. We can even give you more home altogether with a home addition.

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Total Home Repair

Home Additions in New JerseyNo matter what it is you need taken care of it has to fall under total home repair. It is important in this historic area to be able to help preserve the roots here. This heritage shows in so many of the homes here and we love nothing more than to help restore these homes for centuries more to come. In many cases, the work is a great deal more intensive than merely patching a wall.

For work this important to the overall structure of the building you need to know you have a team of professionals on your side. At Home Improvers, our remodeling contractors have the training, skill and hands on experience to get the job done. There are simply too many inferior remodeling contractors out there or, even worse, those posing as professionals but lacking the license to get the job done. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and show you how our dedication to customer care and hard work earned us flawless the reputation we have.

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