Stunning Home Additions for New Jersey

New Jersey Home AdditionsOpting for a New Jersey home addition is a big step that should follow careful planning. IT is also important that you work with a trusted, reputable and established team of experts, like our crew here at Home Improvers. Since 2005 our focus has been rehabbing homes; so our New Jersey remodeling contractors know what it takes to get the work done but also reinvent a home that can turn a profit.

Home additions are the best way to add extra space to your home without having to sell the house to buy another one. As the saying goes, why move when you can improve? If you are planning on flipping a house you may want to add on in order to make the house easier to sell and for a bigger profit. Small homes are quaint but they are not likely to bring you the type of profit you are hoping to make.

Professional Home Addition Contractors

In order to make sense of the field of New Jersey home additions you should get a basic understanding of some of the options. There are multiple types of these projects and here are some of the more popular examples:

  • In-law Additions – This is usually a space that is added on to the side of a home that creates anything from an apartment sized space to almost doubling the home. It usually includes a kitchenette, master bedroom, living room, bathroom and closets.
  • Two Story Extensions – Meant for homes which have height but could expand length or width wise. This can be added to any side of the house, as the layout allows, and can be designated for any type of space desired.
  • Second Story Extensions – This is one of the more complex home additions; the roof is removed and an additional story is added to the top of the home.

Other options include room additions in which any room may be expanded in order to have more space.

New Jersey Room Additions

If you are ready to take on this type of project for your house or for one you would like to flip, then give us a call. We can walk you through the options available to you and help you make the best choice possible for your individual situation. At Home Improvers we are the local experts at what it takes to make a home worthy of the highest profits possible.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you with our New Jersey home additions construction service. You are going to love the new look and layout of your house or at least the profits you generate from the sale.

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