Types of Morristown Home Additions

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Morristown Home Addition

One of the tasks homeowners often contemplate is whether or not to get involved with a Morristown home addition. While it is true this is more of a time, labor and finance intensive project it has a great number of benefits. The main reason one might opt to add on is to avoid the need to move. Why relocate when you can renovate?

If you already have the ideal location then it makes no sense to give all of that up just for more space. And if you are considering it for a home you are flipping, this can still be a wise investment. If you have invested in a smaller home but in a desirable neighborhood, than more house means a higher asking price. You may want to simply add a little more space or an entire other story on to the home. So first, it is a good idea to know some of your options for home renovations.

Various Types of Morristown Home Additions

The first thing to keep in mind is that once you change the layout and start adding on to the house you are likely going to need certain permits and should work with a professional New Jersey remodeling contractor who can offer assistance with this.

  • Bump Out – This is basically the smallest scale Morristown home addition you can choose. If you literally just want to increase the size of your kitchen or add enough extra space to make a standard bedroom a master bedroom, this would be a bump out.
  • House or Room Addition – Common room additions include adding an extra bedroom or adding on an in-law suite, complete with kitchenette and private bath. A house addition usually refers to bigger projects like adding on a second story to a one story home.
  • Sun Rooms – This is the perfect way to add a structure that is like an enclosed deck but with electrical wiring and HVAC. Enjoy the great outdoors from the temperature controlled comfort of the inside of your home.

Understanding the Options

There are also other options, such as room remodeling. Sometimes changing the layout of a room, like the kitchen, will help you to have more space. Or finishing the basement will give you a complete room that you technically already had. The important part is to work with an expert who knows the industry and can help you make important choices.

At Home Improvers we take great pride in being able to help our clients make the best choice and then completing the professional level home renovations for them. Contact us today to find out more about Morristown home additions.

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